Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two tear sheets

The top Fiery Furnaces tear sheet is from the October (i think) issue of Nylon. My first time shooting a band. We met up in Greenpoint. I thought it would be a good idea to bring slow film and get some shallow depth but this ended up a near disaster when most of the frames were out of focus. Lucky I had a posed static shot. Shot this on my old Pentax at f2.4. The depth of field on that particular lens is so nice but really hard to manage.

The bottom tear sheet is from the Jan/Feb issue of The Fader. Shot Mickey with a rented digital camera up on the 125th st subway platform. It took him about an hour to relax enough to where I could sneak around and shoot pictures unobtrusively. Worked out well and I was happy with the simple clean layouts that The Fader does.

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® said...

really really nice. my fav. : rear view mirror. love it.