Monday, March 31, 2008

Croatia and Bosnia II (B+W)

I went to Croatia with Alan and his family in the summer of 1999. Here are some black and white pictures from the trip.

His family is from an island off the coast of a city named Zadar. You need to take a boat. Here is what goes on inside the boat.

Its pretty sweet... We would dive off this wall with the island kids.

They have a well at the house where all the "shower" water comes from. We'd each fill a bucket in the morning and the sun would heat it up.

There was a gnarly full solar eclipse on the second day. I have a better photo in color that I'll post later.

We went to a BBQ with Alan's whole family. I think this lady was a some sort of distant great aunt. She didn't talk or move very fast and nobody talked to her.

We took a bus ride to Sarajevo. The Siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege in modern warfare history and had ended in early '96. I remember there was holes in everything. I remember they were using German Marks for currency and that made it expensive as hell. I also remember the people seemed super happy.

The 12 hour bus ride

These two landmark towers. The one on the left was totally hollowed out (more on those buildings later)

Bullet holes in Disney Characters

Lots of awesome back alleys

Yesterday Alan found my slide carousel with my color pictures I had forgotten about. I shot about 7 rolls of Velvia with my old Yashica point and shoot. Scanned them today and I'll post some later.

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