Friday, December 31, 2010


Trashy corner

This little guy followed me down the block on the way home tonight.

2nd cat picture in a week


Thanks to the snow and frozen ground me and Alan were finally able to get out and explore this abandoned fort


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard II

A couple more random landscape snaps from the other day.

A murky Con Ed across the river

My street corner when the snow started

Some snippets of video in chronological order spliced together with the wind and snow.

Some trees down the block...

That last scene in the video is Nick at a corner he found in Queens where old ladies were getting blown into the street. The light got super nice after that and I forgot to shoot more footage..


Some kids in Greenpoint on the 26th

Nick in Queens on the 27th

I stopped shooting with the point and shoot after this above pic cause the wind and light got insane and I wanted it on the big camera.


Snow coming across the East river

Snow in the Court Sq. subway station

Monday, December 27, 2010


Nick and I met up and walked through some rail yards earlier this afternoon


Midtown II

Another one from right out the subway station


Midtown was sick last night but it was hard to keep your eyes open. This building was glowing pretty nice

This little Canon has a real good image stabilizer.. I shot both these at 1/4 second hand held in some gnarly wind


Today was the hands down the best visual day I've ever experienced in New York. There was deep snow and the wind were so strong and nobody was out..
I've been waiting for one of these storm since getting digital cameras 5 years ago. Up till now I'd either be out of town or working so this was my first real shot at walking around and taking it all in and shooting as much as I wanted.

Here's a couple of s95 point and shoot snaps

I'll post some more of these up quickly but plan on working the big Canon files for a week or so before showing any.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photos from Christmas

Some photos I took yesterday and a few from Christmas Eve

Train ride back to Jersey

This dude missed it

Alan came and took my old BMX



Dad's ceiling


Nick's hands after working the heavy bag..I like this photo

Dad's list

Ma's old glasses


Ma trying on some dish gloves

Nick getting off the couch



Nick with candles

Nick with toy

Lights out front

Tuzzi's cat

Me and Nick visited family friends on Christmas Eve...Their cat was getting his meds

Blizzard I

We're supposed to get 16 inches tonight. I went out today and walked around for 6 hours, dropped two cameras, took a bunch of photos, and lost all feeling in my feet.

This video was shot down the street from my house an hour after the snow started

The wind is gusting to 50 and 60 mph! Times Square a few hours ago..

Much more later

Last minute

A couple of snaps from some last minute running around on Christmas Eve

The Canal St. R train station is a mess.

It smells so gnarly in the summer and in the winter it looks like this

I had to get something up in Times Sq. which was blowing my mind

Cool suit store window

A family