Sunday, March 30, 2008

Polaroid from today

Just got back from Alan's house. Took this polaroid of him today after the sun went down..

We summited Dirtbag Mountain for the first time. It overlooks the Jersey Turnpike in the Meadowlands. Being up there is a calming experience. People cheer at you from the highway as they speed past. Made some good photos that i'll put up tomorrow.

While I'm at it.. found this picture that the above Alan took of me in Spain 4 years ago. Those planes would fly for a whole minute or more before ditching in the Mediterranean.


justin hollar said...

get a haircut hippy

CyclingWMD said...

Whoa that's really weird that you posted that photo I took of you. The Head Photo director over at the stone was just telling me she was really into it the other night. I gave a print of that photo to her assistant and a different one to her the day I left RS. Her assistant later told me that she was bummed she didn't get that one of you instead. So funny!