Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Work prints II

Here's the rest of those little work prints I scavenged from my parents house. They range from probably late '99 till summer of '01. I'm surprised how well some of them scanned.

A view out the window of a 15 pass on my first trip to the desert

One of the nice things about SVA was the unlimited color darkroom use..they stayed oped 7 days a week till 4 in the morning.

Pops after work

My parents on the train back to Jersey after my Dad's retirement party

I used to smoke a lot

There's lots of photos of Nick from that time..here he is at Riis Park in Queens

Probably from this time of year..looks kind of frosty

After my cousins wedding in south Jersey

Making bets at the track

This was one of the few I ever printed big. We were getting ready to go to the beach.

My friend Melissa riding in Brooklyn

Later we found this little dude stuck in a dumpster

Lots of photos of Alan too

Here he is taking a Polaroid self portrait in my old backyard

Being lazy

Shaving in my old apartment

..and rolling around the old N.7th st. skatepark in Brooklyn

Balloon in a doctors waiting room

Gina at the eye doctor

Elaine on the phone

Lucky shot of Gina at the museum looking at some Hoppers

A trailer park near the Salton Sea

A snow storm in Brooklyn

Luis shooting pictures in California

Luis relaxing on St. John

Double rainbow at Dumont Dunes in California.

Triple shadow self portrait in a motel mirror

That's all for now..


justin hollar said...

Thats it? Only 28 photos in one post? Gettin lazy tommmmmayyyy

pauline said...

great stuff