Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Some random snaps from the last few days.

Last episode of Mad Men

Jason taking photos

Soybean on the couch five minutes ago

DMV bathroom mirror earlier today.

No photoshop color work in that photo above. Colors get all gnarly when I turn on the shitty little flash.

Also, got a nice (I hope its nice...can't read German) interview and slide show out on Suddeutsche Zeitung's website.


Anonymous said...

well, yes, it's nice! the interview. visited your homepage and blog after reading it. guess thats a hint for a nice interview, isn't it?
i really like your pictures!
sebastian from germany

Anonymous said...

yes, it is a good and positive article about you. saying that you are very talented etc. it got me here. really nice pictures!

Dalia said...

I's nice interview, where the interviewer tries to suggest you the philosophical and oh so deep ideas and you don't agree :)