Monday, July 12, 2010

Outtakes I

These are both kinda weak but I don't want to put up my favorite outtakes till this stuff is finished.

.. and blogger been bumming me out lately.
Any time you have a subtle, even tone, like the sky above, its compresses into a crunchy looking mess.


TIM TOPPLE said...

Hey man -
I follow your stuff, good work. Insightful and pretty. Anyway, I wanted to suggest a solution to your blogger compression woes mentioned in this post. What I do is upload my pics to Picassa, then simply link to them from the post. You get much better quality, the dimensions are up to you, no Blogger interference. I haven't looked back. (only thing is you need to resize the photos before uploading to Picassa)
take it easy.

Thomas Prior said...

Oh nice,
Thanks Tim! i'll look into that for sure.

Buweneke said...

you could also try flickr. It works pretty well.

TonyGuenzi said...

Very good peax!