Friday, July 23, 2010

Landings I

I knew I wouldn't be using many landing photos in the final project but its pretty impressive and I shot almost all of them just for the hell of it.

Here's some landing outtakes.. this Air France Airbus a340 is the second biggest plane. I saw five of them that week.

This 747 is the biggest. There were only 3 of these landing that week. This is the same photo everyone takes and shows up on google images a trillion times.

This video is what I was hoping to see, which is a rare tail wind landing. They have to come in lower than normal and use every inch of runway.

Another MD80 landing on a different, more cloudy day.

A not super original night landing photo

I'm going to Canada tomorrow. More updates next week.


Jude said...

This has got to be the ultimate airport for watching planes land. My gosh, in the video you can actually see people stoop down.

HereInAid said...


Mg from Switzerland said...

Nice. What kind of film did you use? 400h? Portra?

Thomas Prior said...

these were all on fuji proH 400