Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wildwood part II

A few more snaps from foggy Wildwood last Sunday.

A lot of the motels were still closed or being cleaned up for the season.

Birds eye view of the beach

A waterpark

We also went down to see my brothers friend Chris who had twins last year. I thought I would come back with tons of funny pictures but it didn't happen. I got one of them screaming though..

Another view.. check out his little chompers coming in.


Benjamin said...

great pictures again !

HereInAid said...

i can almost hear the kid yelling out his lungs; possible lead vocalist in the future? don't miss out on the opportunity to follow the rise of the next great rock star.

great aerial shots.
take care.

Matthew said...

Love these images made in the fog. Quiet, beautiful and a little haunting.