Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Saturday

Here's some photos I took last Saturday out in Jersey.

Alan's grill was all rusted out so he started building a new one.

It was loud

We had to burn off the toxic paint by getting it super hot

This little neighbor girl was hanging around asking questions

She was pretty funny.

Some cool colors in the bathroom

Car wash

Here's Alan sweeping off a nice sewer grate gap on his block.

A pre-skate dirtbag meal at White Mana in Jersey City

The closest one to a landing..right near the end before we go the boot. Shitty light though.

Talking about the runway..

then this crazy lens flare happened. That's not a burn around the edge..there is only detail in the very middle. Never had one of these before..

Getting video

A bad photo of some cool looking Mexican teens that had scampered off.


Michael George said...

Curious neighbor is awesome. Very awesome. I want to meet her

Natalie said...

Oh god, I love that bathroom shot. There's something so perfect about it. Great set of images on this one.