Monday, March 1, 2010


Some pictures from the two days off I had in LA last week.

No bad weather means lots of old cars in perfect condition.

A little tree struggling on a downtown sidewalk.

Jason walking in Elysian Park at dusk.

I went to visit Katelyn up near Cal Arts. That's her Grandpa in the background.. He's awesome and lives in Arizona and has really tan arms.

She lives on top of a hill in a tiny town..Here's a view of the backyard from above.

The trail up to the top.

This is the top lookout where townie kids and Mexican families go party.

Pretty awesome.. I guess everything is gonna be brown in a month or two so it was nice to see it all green and lush.

1 comment:

esao said...

Grandpa looks like he stuck his arm in beet juice.

I can't believe that backyard view...