Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Photography Post

Rachel Hulin has started a new site and, as usual, its great. She was kind enough to include this blog of mine as one of the live feeds.

In her own words:

This is a venture that has been almost a year in the works; it’s a photo blog aggregate, somewhat like Huffington Post, but way awesomer and with more stuff about photography.

The Post has live feeds, which are essentially visual links to all the blogs we know and love (more being added soon!)– and they update EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES (thank you web developer genius and TPP partner Henry Tam). Kate Steciw, Danielle Swift and I conceived of this almost a year ago, and now IT’S ALL HAPPENING. I’m so excited, I can’t stop using caps.

So go take a look. It’s gonna be pretty good.

New bookmark for sure. Thanks again Rachel!

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