Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Been a little sick the past week. Had nothing else to really do so I went and scanned a few more Ireland photos.

Stoked on this first portrait. Don't know how I missed this on the first go round. I talked to this guy a few times..he was super nice and had really cool bright red ears.

This one's from another day. A lot of photos in these projects are one shot deals. I was waiting for this frame while cutting the negatives back home in New York. I remember thinking, "Okay, I just got a good drying photo" right after shooting it and was bummed out once I saw how out of focus his eyes were.

Another front flip...

The tower probably looks 100 feet tall when your little.

A family getting splashed.

This little guy wanted to go in so bad but his Ma wouldn't let him. The sea was a bit too rough. His out of frame grandparents were calling him with a really funny word that turned out to be his name, Oisín, pronounced USHeen, which means "little deer" in Irish. It sounds really cool when they say it..

a bummed out Oisín detail..

Seaside trailer park.

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