Monday, January 25, 2010

the curving hip, the soothing shade v 1.0

I started this blog as a slightly less personal continuation of journals I kept when I was around 20 years old. I'm a little burnt out working on photos and the weather is shitty today so I decided to post a couple pages from the first book.. the size is 8 1/2 x 11 inches and its around 180 pages long. I started in Oct '99 and finished in March of '01

Here's the cover

That dude slays me every time!.. I remember finding the photo on Houston street and knowing exactly where I was gonna put it.

Here's the second book. This has about 60 pages and was finished by the end of 2001. Photo is from an English lad mag called Loaded. I don't know if its still around.. they had the best captions.

Here's the third one

There's a bunch of little contact sheet cutout pages.. Here's two examples.

I used to write real small so nobody but me could read it. There's a couple of labor intensive pencil drawings too. The thug dude was copied from an old issue of Dutch magazine. I screwed up drawing the blunt and got bummed.

Some pages were more complicated than others. Here's a simple one with a photo I really like.


There was lots of fiddling around with contacts, drawings, and color copies. I have a friend (who shall remain nameless) that basically let me have free reign over his offices' xerox room after closing.

My Dads old driving licence collection from Africa.

Some colorful porn on the left and a simple drawing on the right.

I remember spending a lot of money and time finding a specific brand of rub on letters. Lots of vellum was used too..

I used to visit my dad's office and take photos. Ignore any dumb rants..


Some pages were sloppier than others.

I couldn't get a clean shot of this page because the book doesn't lay flat. If you move your eyes to one side, then quickly to the other as the scanner moves, you can look googly- eyed like this.

Color copies became the foundation layers towards the end of the book. On the left is a map of LA and on the right is my passport stamp.

Rub on letters

I like this foggy bathroom photo

I learned a lot making this book.


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ingalbraith said...

this is great

brian caissie photo said...

Fun stuff, they get better with age and are much funner to show your friends instead of boxes of Negs. I've been making my own for about 10 years and they're fun to look back on, time consuming though. Keep up the great work, love this site, and your photos.

sixohfour said...

It's beautiful work.

I often find that photographers who have made sketchbooks like this have a more complex understanding of imagery and therefore are more cognizant about their own work. Maybe it's not a constant among photographers, but that's what I've encountered.

Anonymous said...

i like this a lot.