Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've wanted to shoot stills of my friend Alan's old 8mm footage for a while now. Lining the camera up and fine tuning his shitty projector was a huge pain in the ass but we made it through a few reels and managed to get some pretty good stuff.

Alan in Spain. He would wander around all day while me and Luis were working.

There's a lot of skate footage. I really like this still of me pushing,

and this one too.

He even managed to capture the gnarliest shinner I ever got.. almost blacked out from this was 95 degrees and I got cut down to the bone.

I was always the one shooting the hangout snaps so its really hard to find any pictures of me from that time period. Maybe for the best..constantly furrowed brows and some goofy hair.


On a more somber note...there's tons of WTC imagery. The twin towers were such a dominant force in the skyline and they worked their way into a lot of me and Alan's snapshots as teens. View from Greenpoint, Brooklyn in '99.

Then there's the pretty amazing/scary/lonely footage Alan shot on 9/11. It took him 5 hours to get over to all of us in Brooklyn from Jersey. He filmed a lot of the trip and this amazing shot is from a 2 second clip looking south from Canal St. into the dust cloud.