Saturday, December 12, 2009

Missed opportunity

I was across the school yard when these kids rolled out the tire. I made my way over in time to shoot three frames before they stopped... Mediocre at best:

Visual slop.

Earlier in the week something else even more epic (one of those universe aligning moments that comes around every 2 or 3 years) happened and I missed that too! Yeesh, two great photos missed.

Watching Japanese kids play baseball was cool. They have all these weird pregame traditions- warm ups where they yell a lot and drink water in unison.


Alexander Bello said...

I really like your way of photographing. The Style of your pictures.

Anders Ebefeldt said...

Hi Thomas.
Have just looked through your entire web site, great photos! Just had to say so. All the pictures are good but the one I remember best right now are the one with the dogs in the snow, really good!

Caitlin J. McColl said...

I love the pattern within this. A lovely chaos.