Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Honorable Mention

I finally decided to enter Jen Bekman's Hey Hot Shots contest this year... and so did everybody else! I was stoked to get an honorable mention and their blog has links to all the photographers websites.

I'll try again in the summer.


J. Wesley Brown said...

You're already slaying it.

I was (as I always am, when it comes time to see the winners list) perplexed as to how you and Graham Miller could possibly not have won but congrats on the honorable.

Thomas Prior said...

Thanks a lot!
..and..Graham Miller's photos are so good. I thought for sure when he got that contender mention that he would win.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Yeah, I was sort of kind of perhaps thinking of entering again but then I saw him there and thought, "Where now there is one less spot, so...I'll buy an ink cartridge instead" :)

Michael George said...