Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Shot 40 frames with my digital camera in Utah then packed it up and did everything on film. These two snaps aren't indicative of what's on the film but I like 'em nonetheless.

Driver wearing his fireproof head sock.

I told him he had great eyes and I think he took it the wrong way.


I'm stoked on the film photos. Printed and scanned my contacts yesterday and things worked out better than I had hoped. Should have the project finished on the website in October or November.

3 rainy weeks in Ireland start tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

!!! (i agree.)

CyclingWMD said...

How come you never talk like that about my eyes? ..humpf :(

Ronan said...


Pleasure meeting you in Blackrock yesterday evening (we were the guys who swam across the Bay). Will keep an eye on the site and look forward to seeing your work!

Regards, Ronan

randy phenning said...

how are you getting shit so un-pixelated? jpeg compression is ruining 99% of the stuff I try and post.


de très belles photos, bravo

retoque fotografico said...

Even though you dont see much, a beautiful portrait photo!

Thomas Herpich said...

I was at a club once, and I said to this guy "don't take this the wrong way, but you dance REALLY well."

And he said, "How could I take that the wrong way?" And I felt like a retard. Don't complement people.