Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm out

Going away for the next month to work on two personal projects. One in Utah and the other on the west coast of Ireland.

Here's some 9 year old work prints I found other day.

A model in fur

Alan in a photo booth

Dad in upstate New York

Hopefully it'll all work out.
I'll try and post some updates in case anyone gives a shit.


J. Wesley Brown said...

I give a shit, but that's because I'm probably one of your bigger fans?

Thomas Herpich said...

Good luck dude.

Booker T said...

I also have to say i give a shit. Your work is a huge inspiration. Can't wait to see these personal projects unfold.

Anonymous said...

definitely update, please!!!

GENERICo. said...

i give a huge fiber induced shit. hae a guiness stout for me.

Thomas Prior said...

Hey Randy I rejected your "I give a shit also" comment by mistake. Sorry..thanks though.