Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ESPN magazine tear sheet

Got some photos of Big Rich Williams in the current issue of ESPN magazine. I like the design they did with the opener.

The detail shot is him picking up a 170 lb anvil with a slippery point. He ended up running 60ft with it. The photo on the right is him shredding a phone book.

He has shattered and holds every grip strength record. I followed him around for a week last month trying to get some alone time. Three smaller photos were peppered throughout the they are as jpegs.
He can pop full soda cans by squeezing them...more of that later.

Here he's pulling a 500lb sled with his fingertips..

I was told to do a lot of hand shots and details- both of which came out pretty awesome. Gonna put up a new website section of my favorites in a day or two once I figure out the sequencing.


jeremy said...

Very nice. Especially like the crushing of the can shot and the hand opening shot.

elizabeth weinberg said...