Thursday, February 3, 2011

Behind the scenes for Nike

I got the fun job of shooting behind the scenes photos on a Nike commercial in October. Here's some of my favorites.

Jason was shooting the ads and Stacy Wall was shooting the TV spot

This light was awesome

C-stands everywhere

2nd unit doing a shot on the street

Nike's basketball tech coaching the extras

LeBron waiting

Focusing for the phantom camera

Sal shooting an alley oop sequence

Client area

Instant replay

Messing around

Big ass blimp light

4 4k HMI's in a giant helium balloon. I asked one of the surly union guys what this was and he told me it was an air conditioner

A coned off ceiling light

A few long lens warm up shots

These storyboards would pop up out of nowhere.

Filming a closeup


Most of the photography crew

Body double's shadow during lighting test

One of the first indoor sets with all the lights on

Lights off

One of the grips setting up a green screen

Outdoor green screen

It was all shot on 35mm which was fun to watch

Some prop trophies

A prop (real) rattle snake

A bulldozer smashing a prop basketball hoop

Prop mic

Jason eating pretzels in front of green screen

Shooting photos

The guy they hired to play a boxing opponent


Sal Totino play fighting before a scene

I saw LeBron sneak around back and manage to intercept and shoot this weird photo

Testing out distances with Sal

2nd unit at the Port of Miami

Here's this light again.

I couldn't get enough of it.

Sal and the gaffer checking lights

A giant white screen at night

The last shot

Definitely one of the more fun jobs I've ever been on..


Anonymous said...

The long lens shots of Lebron are so good it makes my head hurt.

Anonymous said...

This are incredible. Thanks so much for being awesome and posting this much of your work.

dalia said...


CyclingWMD said...

Go awn mah son!

CRIZZLE said...

This is da best post i've ever seen from you son , you should really just do this at all times .... Get Money !!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I did many of the VFX shots for this commercial. The tattoo removal was my favorite.