Sunday, September 12, 2010

Earl IV

Some remaining photos from last Thursday and Friday.
Some of the colors and densities aren't that good but I'm tired of looking at these photos and don't care..

Two guys going out for a sunset sesssion

Clarke at his beach house

Clarke making an early exit from this messy wave

Lifeguard chair in the morning

This guy was shredding but I missed most of his good waves

Things picked up

A sweet looking wave

A big wave


Clarke went out

Taking the high road..

and getting blasted. My camera buffer filled and I missed the next moment.. him getting cannonballed off the top.

The light finally got nice

This photo was shot 10 minutes after that photo above. It was real weird how it got super light and green for a few minutes after the sunset.

Anyway..that's enough with the surf photos for now

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