Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach 90th

Some snaps from Saturday night/Sunday morning in Rockaway.

The first thing I saw on the way to the beach.


Some nature

Sunset light

Sunrise light

Yeah, so we got up at 5 and walked around. Here's some dawn photos...

The light was super nice..

Clarke went surfing right after the sunrise..

The waves weren't that good but it looked like fun.

There was a Great White sighting the day before but people still went out.

A detail from a bad photo of a cool looking turn

That's a wrap.


justin hollar said...


esao said...

That crop on the bikers is unbelievable.

amie said...

The image of the super bikes!!!!
Love the close up!


Josh G said...

Awesome pics... I live in the buildings you took pictures of. Do u have a flickr account or something. I would love to use some of your pics as my wallpaper