Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New website finished

After two years of neglect that old shite website of mine is history... Stoked on the new one.

The edits aren't final yet but thanks to Steve I can update super easy.

The thumbnail pages as they are right now.

Along with the CMS that Steve built he made a little button in the bottom right corner that fades the screen from white to black.

I debated whether to have a black website or a white website for about a week.. Now I have both!


ashley blair, PR for Hovey Lee designs said...

really dig your photos. hey, whats your fav. camera and lens to use?

Michael George said...

Looks really great.

ingalbraith said...

site looks great, dude

Tim McFarlane said...

Hi Thomas,

Just found your site and blog. Really nice work!