Friday, November 21, 2008

Gone for 16 days.

We leave for LA tomorrow. We're there for a week then fly down to Brazil for nine days! Psyched for some warm weather..

I'll try and post new stuff but can't make any promises. Luis took this picture of me doing some late night work in Italy last week.


Chih-Han Hsu said...

Hey man, stumbled onto your blog after finding a link to your site from another blog. Had a good browse at all your picture. Really love them, all of them :) i'm usually too lazy to comment but you're stuff i really enjoyed. I actaully added your blog as a link to mine under "Inspiration" haha:

I'm a cg artist by trade, I love taken photos but only started taking more lately. i like the honesty to your pictures.

steven said...

is that the evil emperor from return of the jedi?