Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving on

A little late in the game on this but I'm jumping over to Tumblr. I'll keep this blogspot up as archive of the last 4 years.

Once my new website is done I'll start trying to post on the regular. I'm also planning on doing some tweaks to the way it looks.

In case your not in the photo world and want to see other stuff here's a list of friends and other folks I was following with the Soybean tumblr:

All The Things We Love
Ben Grieme
Bryan Schutmaat
Clarke Tolton
Covet Arts
Daniel Seung Lee
Daniel Shea
Elizabeth Weinberg
Emiliano Granado
Geordie Wood
Grant Cornett
Jake Stangel
Je Suis Perdu
Jennilee Marigomen
Joao Canziani
Jody Rogac
Justin Hollar
Justin James Reed
Mark Hartman
Mark Peter Drolet
Michael Christopher McCraw
Myles Little
Noah Kalina
Paul Octavious
Peter Nidzgorski http://thisisn'
Randall Phenning
Ryan Pfluger
Time Magazine Lightbox
Tony Luong
Wayne Bremser

also...I don't know what happened to the colors of the text on this page but its all messed up

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